3 Simple Steps

How to Tell if you need a New Window or Door

  • Water Stains & Damage on walls/windows
  • Peeling paint on exterior of house
  • Wooden with rotten and warped frames
  • Single-Pane windows
  • Won’t open, difficult to open, don’t stay open
  • No replacement parts
  • Drafts & air infiltration when closed

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We visit your home and discuss your options for replacement windows and doors.

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Timely Installation

After receiving your order we will be out the same day to remove your old window/door and replace it with a new one.

Amazing Windows

I prefer to install Plygem window and door products. They are value priced and quality built. Many new home manufacturers choose Plygem over other manufacturers for this reason. Plygem is a popular product for many remodel and retrofit projects as well.

Elegant Doors

There are numerous articles that list replacing old doors as one of the best, most cost-effective ways to build equity in your house. A strong entrance to the real estate market, new doors are a smart choice and will bring a very strong return on investment.

Great Sliding Doors

New sliding glass doors and French doors with glass in them are insulated with argon gas and have a Low-E coating. Together, these ad insulated properties to your house. The Low-E coating reduces fading and discoloration to flooring and furniture from the sun’s rays.

Safety Is Our Highest Concern:

In a bedroom, it is important to meet building safety codes. By definition egress is the action of going out or leaving a place. Compliance with building code would require proper egress for a person to be able to escape a bedroom, using the opening in a window. This is important when considering what style of window to install in certain areas of your house.

Another important safety factor that is occasionally overlooked is the need for tempered glass. Check out this video showing the different types of glass your home may require. If your window is less than 18 inches from the floor or near a door that opens and closes, it is likely that building safety codes will require it to be tempered glass. With tempered glass, even in the unlikely scenario that the glass broke, it does so in a way that the small pieces of broken glass do not cut through skin. The same thought process can be applied to a slamming door. The harsh impact of the door slamming would likely break the standard glass. The tempered glass has a much higher likelihood of not breaking.

We Provide Window and Door Replacements and custom Window & Door Installation Services in Snohomish County Washington.

I am well equipped to assist you in making the right choices for your project. I will utilize industry knowledge passed to me by my father who has over 40 years of experience specific to this industry. I have also worked in window and door manufacturing and know the proper way to build and service windows, doors and skylights. As a family centered person and business, with local roots and a sense of community, I pledge to give you honest prices, quality workmanship and products. I also pledge to communicate with you to the level you expect.

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