In a bedroom, it is important to meet building safety codes. By definition egress is the action of going out or leaving a place. Compliance with building code would require proper egress for a person to be able to escape a bedroom, using the opening in a window. This is important when considering what style of window to install in certain areas of your house.
Another important safety factor that is occasionally overlooked is the need for tempered glass. Check out this video showing the different types of glass your home may require. If your window is less than 18 inches from the floor or near a door that opens and closes, it is likely that building safety codes will require it to be tempered glass. Here is a video demonstrating the difference between tempered and non-tempered glass as they break. Imagine if a person were to trip, fall and their head was to impact a window with standard glass. With tempered glass, even in the unlikely scenario that the glass broke, it does so in a way that the small pieces of broken glass do not cut through skin. The same thought process can be applied to a slamming door. The harsh impact of the door slamming would likely break the standard glass. The tempered glass has a much higher likelihood of not breaking.