Styles of Windows

There are a seemingly endless choice of window and grid styles and configurations to choose from when it comes to the look and function of your new windows. A typical house will have mostly opening windows. From the outside, they will slide from right to left, called and OX, or left to right, called and XO. They may have two horizontal sliding portions, called an XOX.
Some windows will slide up or down. They are referred to as single or double hung depending on which portions slide. If a window opens away from the house horizontally, it is called a casement. If it opens away from the house vertically it is called an awning. Picture windows come in a couple different forms. They can be set in the wood framing of a house, without their own frame, and stopped in with wood. These are called raw units. Picture windows can also be manufactured in their own frame and then installed in a house. Picture windows are nice to have when someone wants to have a view out of their window with no window framing to obstruct the view.
Picture windows can be manufactured and installed with an opening portion above or below the main piece of glass if ventilation or egress is desired. I prefer to install Plygem window and door products. They are value priced and quality built. Many new home manufacturers choose Plygem over other manufacturers for this reason. Plygem is a popular product for many remodel and retrofit projects as well.

Window replacementAdvantages of New Windows

Energy savings is the first thing people think about when considering replacing old windows in their house. PSE and other utility companies will often give rebates to customers who install new energy efficient windows and doors. When replacing single pane windows in an average house, you can expect to save from $100 to nearly $500 a year in energy costs. When replacing double pane windows with the most modern new windows, you can expect to save around $100 each year. New windows, sliding glass doors and French doors with glass in them are insulated with argon gas and have a Low-E coating. Together, these ad insulated properties to your house. The Low-E coating also reduced fading and discoloration to flooring and furniture from the sun’s rays.

Sound dampening is another benefit people can expect when they get new windows installed in their house. In fact, the reduction of noise is one of the first things people tell me they have noticed. If you live on a busy road, near an airport, school or the railroad tracks, you would definitely appreciate hearing less of the outside noise and traffic while inside your house. Sometimes, people choose to replace only the windows in their house that face the busy road and are very happy with the results.

Aesthetic value is another obvious benefit you can expect to enjoy when having your old windows replaced with new, modern windows. Curb appeal is a valuable quality for a home to possess. You will enjoy a bold, fresh, new look to your house with bright, clean new products. A new entry door is another facet of increased curb appeal and added value. Not only do new doors commonly have increased energy efficiency but they totally transform the way an entrance to a house looks and feels. A smooth, tightly fitting and closing entry door will seal out the weather, operate correctly and add a look that will make you smile every time you enter. Check out these ideas from Pinterest. A new entry door is only a few hundred dollars at the big box stores. Whether you prefer steel, fiberglass or solid wood, there are many different styles one can choose from.  New entry doors are typically primed for paint, come with brick mold and will add significant value to your house through aesthetic appeal.

Return-on-investment is possibly the strongest reason why one would choose to replace their old windows with new, modern windows. There are numerous articles that list replacing old windows and doors as one of the best, most cost-effective ways to build equity in your house. Whether an owner is looking to give their home a minor or major face lift or is looking to boost value in preparation for a strong entrance to the real estate market, new windows and doors are a smart choice and will bring a very strong return on investment.